lørdag den 30. august 2008

What happens in Helsinki?

"The beloved giant Helsinki Biennale has been homeless for a long time. After the last exhibition at Myymälä2 gallery in 2006 this two years old giant has been forced to spend his nights on streets, in night shelters, staircases, and even on hard discs.

"It was extremely hard to find the meaning of life from white galleries and from artist's endless self reflections at the same time as I myself was forced to fight for my own existence. I have learned to sleep in a sitting position and talk about the state of modern art and Finnish design with dim eyes and bleeding teeth.

Sky high rents forced me to hit the road. I rambled a long time. I was forced to go outside Helsinki, and after all past Finland's borders. During my migration I met a lot of friendly people from different countries. From countries that I didn't even know existed. Even though we didn't always have a common language I got really close to many of these lovely people and we became friends. These people taught me a lot about life.

During my stay in Superkasistan I got a fax from Design Museum, Helsinki. They said that at the end of the year 2008 I can live at their place. For free! I thought that sounded great. I accepted their offer and invited all these friendly nations I met to my own World Fair. Not just to show my gratitude but to get crazy diamonds and trill ass nomads up to Helsinki.

I can proudly tell you that Helsinki Biennale 2008 will be über gigantic and blasting! It will change everyting. The world is not round anymore. It's flat, colorful and outspread. You will see it at my place in the underground of Design Museum. Welcome!"

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Jeg tager toget fredag d. 24/10 fra Hovedbanen, kom kom, kom med om i vil!

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